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According to Albion Armory, new features Durateen was launched in this week, in addition, who claim to be the extremely best healer to ever grace the servers of Albion Online. No matter what you agree or not regarding EoS winning again, it’s undeniable fact that being success in Guild battles for over four months straight is quite a feat.


With regard to Albion Armory, Durateen is pleased to share his secret with the rest of the community. Including his relevant research as well as the things be learned about healing since he joined the game, this following is Equipment as well as Weapons details, more news update, stay tuned: UPAlbion, it will be update more news everyday.

Equipment: Weapons

Hit & Run
Every 4 activated spells, your movement speed is increased for 3 seconds.

Circle of Life
Heals up to five allies in a 7 meter radius around the caster every second for 7 seconds.

Cleanse Heal
Heals a friendly target every second for 4 seconds. Also removes any movement impairing and debuff effects from the target, and allies in close proximity.

Heals a friendly target every second for 8 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times. If it is reapplied on maximum stacks, all stacks are consumed and you restore 30 energy.

While the Great Nature Staff has a great emergency skill and the AoE (Area of Effect) capabilities of the Wild Staff are strong, the Nature Staff provides you the best of both worlds. With the correct Rejuvenation stacking, you will be able to go a very long way once you entered a fight.

Equipment: Armor

Shoes/Knight Boots: Shield Charge
Charge toward a target (ally or enemy). After the charge, you apply a shield on yourself and allies in close proximity. The shield absorbs damage and lasts 5 seconds.

Chest/Mage Robe: Frost Shield
Increases your Armor and Magic Resist for 8 seconds. Enemies that attack you are slowed by 20% and 10% of incoming damage (before Armor/Magic Resist) is reflected back to its source.

Constitution: Increases healing received
Arguably one of the strongest defensive skills in Albion Online, with a relatively short cooldown for a shield that can hit your whole team while easily negate over one thousand damage for each person hit. Compared to offensive core ability cooldowns it will be ready every time your enemies engages you again.

Helmet: Guardian Helmet
Even after the recent nerf, the Guardian Helmet is still a much better choice than the Cleric Cowl. While Ice Block is a great skill, it is way too easy to counter as your enemy will know exactly where you are when the spell ends. Stone Skin keeps you mobile and you can still support your team.

Charity: Heals you cast are stronger.
Frost Shield has everything what a defensive ability needs. It decreases your damage received and basically permanently slows all enemies attacking you. Further, the damage reflect will either consume the enemies’ healer time and energy or it will cost your attackers a defensive cooldown of their own. Charity as a passive will further increase your raw healing potential. Eventually, better weapons, better spells, better skills, anyway, you can’t lack of necessary albion online gold.

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