Mu Legend Is Pretty Promising: The Developers Is Trying To Recreate The Scenario

MU Legend is hack & slash MMORPG that features quarter-view. Currently, 4 classes (Dark Lord, Blader, Whisperer and War Mage) have been revealed with new classes coming after official launch. MU Legend is also confirmed for a western release. A millions of gamers from all over the world are willing to buy cheapest Mu Legend Zen at

Powered by Unreal Engine 3, MU Legend’s world is set in about 1,000 years before the world of MU Online and the dev is trying to recreate the scenario that only appeared briefly in MU Online. Through playing Mu Legend, players will able to find out with why Kundun was revived as the Lord of Darkness.

If you had been waiting and wondering about the fate of Webzen’s follow-up to MU Origins, the publisher just gave us an answer today and it sounds pretty promising! The upcoming dark fantasy action MMO Mu Legend details visit official website: It brings various features of the game, Mu Legend is visually pleasing game.

In Mu Legend, players can also expect a wide range of different PvE and PvP options that will cater to all playstyles, with content that can either be completed in a few minutes or played for hours at a time. With an extensive range of systems, like pets and gear enhancement, players will be able to customize their experience in every way possible. At, you will able to get cheap Mu Legend Power Leveling.


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